Utilizing the Tech You Have: Mobile Devices in the Classroom

If 1:1 laptops have not yet reached your classroom, there is most likely other tools which can be utilized for learning. Many students in the intermediate secondary levels already have their own cell phone and are often able to use them at school for educational purposes thanks to many school boards' BYOD policies.

Are you utilizing this tool to improve learning?

5 Tips to get a mobile program up and running:
  1. Clearly define when, how and why mobile devices are being implemented

  2. Consider the digital divide - will some students be left out not owning a device?

  3. Co-create a clearly defined set of rules with students which compliments the school's established Responsible/Acceptable Use Policy.

  4. Practice using devices in group settings first to ensure students are familiar with the technology and can effectively use it.

  5. Ongoing reflection of your teaching practice: Is the use of technology modifying or transforming the learning task?

There are many softwares which support the use of mobiles in the classroom. The following are not limited to use with mobiles, but can easily be integrated into a BYOD setting:

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