Dr. Ruben Puentedura's SAMR Model is a framework to help educators understand how technology may impact teaching and learning. The model encourages teachers to critically analyse technology integration in the classroom. 

At a workshop I attended by Dr. Puentedura, he clarified a common misconception many educators have concerning SAMR: that the lower end of the ladder (substitution) is not effective teaching. Instead, a gradual climb up the ladder is often necessary to reach the Redefinition stage.

Also important to note is that particular technologies cannot be explicitly categorized in one realm of the model, as the levels are more about HOW a tool is used, rather than WHAT tool is used.

As a technology coach, I work with teachers to design sophisticated digital-age learning experiences for students. I often refer to this technology integration model to guide teachers beyond only using technology to enhance tasks. Below is a resource from one of my professional development workshops: 

Dr. Puentedura has contextualized the model for teachers by fusing the SAMR ladder with the famous TPACK model and aligning each levels with the cognitive processes outlined in the revised Bloom's Taxonomy (Anderson & Krathwohl, 2001).

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