Alternatives to PowerPoint: Web-Based Presentation Slide Programs

I used to teach Grade 8 English for 90 students. That meant whenever there were class presentations....I watched 90 of them. Thus, one would understand why I absolutely refused to let my students create boring, unengaging presentations using static, simple technology.

I didn’t restrict what software my students could use, rather I restricted what they couldn’t use by banning PowerPoint.

However, I learned as a teacher to be sure to direct students to programs that fit the criteria of the assignment. Since my oral presentation had to include a live speaking portion, students who chose the PowToons option were left starting and stopping their video. You can imagine how NOT smooth my nervous 13 year old students were in doing this in front of an audience of their peers.

When providing options for students to create a presentation, it makes sense to me to seperate technology by presentation slides and presentation videos. 

See my review of various technology to create slides (could also be used as a student resource):

To create short videos or animations to accompany presentations, see my Pinterest board of Video Creation Resources:

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  1. Your posts are always so well constructed. You present the technology by using it and not merely talking about it. I love that you 'walk the walk'. Very inspirational.