My Move to Google Drive

I made the switch. After a year of flip flopping between various formats and learning platforms in an attempt to distribute materials in the most effective way to my students, I transitioned to Google Drive. 

I started using Google Docs about 3 years ago. In my past teaching, I have created lessons on Docs when working with other teachers and had students use them when collaborating on group projects. However, the lack of technology in my past school did not allow the foundation of my teaching to be in the Google cloud. 

Now that I teach at a one-to-one laptop equipped school, I feel very fortunate that this is even an option for me. Perhaps it was the Google Apps for Education Summit I attended last June that pushed me over the edge. Learning about many new Google Apps, made me think that Drive could be an equivocal solution to compiling all my lessons and resources in one place.

Recently, I ran a professional development workshop aimed at familiarizing teachers with the key features of Google Drive. See my presentation with links to further resources to get you started if you are new to Google tools.

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